Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The inevitable Tuesday syndrome...

It's funny... I find myself exhausted after a long day at work, full of learning about the database that for all intents and purposes, I will be spending over one third of my job in, with nothing to do. I've been contemplating starting a blog ever since the female parental started hers; and it has taken over a month of planning and I'm going to's, I really should get around to that's and Oh yeah, I was going to do that's to come to this point - rubbish on TV, a pile of CD's to install and Tuesday server maintenance to get me here.

What is Tuesday syndrome you ask? It's the point where, after a week of procrastinating and escaping into the realms of your MMORPG's like World of Warcraft, or in my case, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tuesday rolls around and they take the servers down in the middle of the morning for the US player base. The only problem with this is that it happens to be the perfect after work time in Australia and now I am left with well... I don't know what I am left with...

My rather large PC gaming library is sitting dormant on my shelving unit, having a "I'm bigger than you" contest with my DVDs. With a PC hardware upgrade that is insisting on being a constant headache (that's another blog post down the track) I lost my hard drive. There, in the blink of an eye, and $120 to a computer tech, went almost 2 years worth of installations, downloads, saved games and general clutter from my hard drive.

So, in the minor installation fest that was the "reclamation" I have Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect's 2 and 3, The Sims 3, Spore and Anno 2070 at my finger tips for the evening. The problem with this is well, if you play an MMO, you know it takes up a lot of your gaming life, and without it, you never know what the hell to do in it's stead. Most World of Warcraft players go through withdrawal symptoms on a night like this.

The Sims 3, although gaining a few extra kilo's these days in the expansion pack side of things, is having issues with my new hardware and is thus currently unplayable. I'm hardly in the mood for an RTS, so Anno and Spore are out of the equation, so this leaves me with the Mass Effects. And here in lies the problem...

After losing my Mass Effect 2 save data, I had no Cmdr Shepard to import, and in order to avoid having my gaming friends spew spoilers at me (or my housemate for that matter) I ran with having a generic, all be it purple haired femShep lesbian infiltrator. I ran through the story campaign, and got left with a bad taste in my mouth around the ending (again, another blog post there) and ventured into the multiplayer. The multiplayer is great - it's intense, fast paced and all around a good deal of fun.

I still need to go back to Mass Effect 2 to make a new Shepard (I have the Genesis DLC before you say anything about ME1) but now we come to problem #... wait what number am I up to??? Anyway, the combat in ME3 has been streamlined quite nicely, is more fast paced and more responsive to you; let alone the biotic and tech power tweakings that make it much more bearable. So now, going back to Mass Effect 2, the combat feels sluggish and the missions feel like I am wading through the Dead Sea just to get it over with. Not to mention putting up with Miranda for the ninth play through (I am a fan of Yvonne Strahovski though).

So here I am - nothing to play that would be remotely palatable tonight due to gameplay advances, server maintenance and a general "not in the mood" excuse for the rest. So here we have it - the first blog post... guess I should think about dinner now.

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